Endodontic treatment is applied in the case of caries with pulp inflammation or gangrene complications. It consists in removing ill pulp from the tooth chamber and canals, their exact widening, disinfecting and filling them with special preparations.

Thanks to the use of an endometer (for taking measurements of the canal length) and other special equipment, it is possible to precisely fill it in, possibly within one visit. An x-ray on the spot allows to control the correctness of canal filling simultaneously.



First aid (devitalisation, opening of a tooth) 100 PLN
Mortal amputation (milk teeth) 100 PLN
Pulp extirpation and debridement:
- A tooth with one canal 200 PLN
- A tooth with two canals 230 PLN
- A tooth with three canals 270 PLN
- A tooth with four canals 320 PLN
Final filling of the canal:
- A tooth with one canal 250 PLN
- A tooth with two canals 280 PLN
- A tooth with three canals 330 PLN
- A tooth with four canals 380 PLN
Other procedures:
Use of MTA 100 PLN

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