Periodontics is the area of dentistry dealing with periodontium diseases, the so-called paradontosis. Paradontosis is a commonly occurring disease, which is the main cause of losing teeth among adults. We observe it already among children and teenagers more and more frequently.

Its initial symptoms are gum reddening and a little bleeding. As the disease advances the inflammation process spreads from the gum to the surrounding tissues, leading to bone atrophy. The consequences of advanced paradontosis are increasing teeth mobility, exposed roots, appearance of gaps between teeth, bad breath. Tobacco smoking, stress, some general diseases, e.g. diabetes, blood diseases, hormone disorders contribute to development of paradontosis.

A lot of patients believe that paradontosis is incurable. This is a false belief and a quite harmful one. This disease left untreated can cause general health complications (heart diseases, joint inflammations, strokes) and worsen the course of many diseases, e.g. diabetes.

The best way to treat paradontosis is removing its cause, i.e. calculus and plaque. At the advanced stage of the disease the surgical and pharmacological treatment will be necessary. It is possible and necessary sometimes to apply preparations helping to rebuild bone tissue.


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