Dental implant is a small titanium screw, which is placed into the missing space after a missing tooth's root.

The procedure of implant placement requires administering only a local anesthesia, and the process of its integration with the bone is painless. Titanium is a metal, which does not cause any allergic reactions and easily integrates with the bone. Dental implants have been in use for nearly fifty years to replace missing teeth, and the results of implant placement are close to natural teeth.

The patient can't tell the difference between a tooth restored on an implant from their own teeth, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of comfort of use. Regular follow-up visits to the dentist and oral hygiene guarantee long-standing treatment success.

Restoration of one or more teeth may be based on an implant. The implant is a stable support for a prosthetic crown or bridge. By using an implant it is possible to avoid grinding of one's own teeth to make place for the traditional prosthetic bridge.

Implants are also a perfect support for removable dentures, especially in the cases of a complete absence of teeth. Implants provide a stable support for complete dentures, which considerably improves the quality of life and the aesthetics of the smile. (Click here for more details: Biomet 3i)(source:


A long-standing lack of teeth results in bone and gum atrophy, which can be so severe enough the dentist from placing an implant. In order to restore the correct shape of the dental alveolus, guided bone regeneration is used. The procedure involves the placement of a bone-replacement material in the bone and covering it with a special membrane, to form a support for the regenerating bone. Several months later Patient has it replaced with the fully functional own bone.


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