Prosthetics enables the reconstruction of utterly damaged teeth and complementing the missing ones, thanks to which we can make you recover a beautiful smile and the correct chewing function.

The loss of teeth leads to the dislocation of other teeth, alveolar ridge bone atrophy and lowering the occlusion line. Lowered occlusion for the long time leads to excessive teeth abrasion of the front teeth and damages temporomandibular joints permanently. Thus such symptoms as crackling in those joints and headaches appear.

We use a facial arch and an articulator in our work, what allows us to transfer the occlusion conditions from patient's mouth to prosthetic lab. Thanks to this, there is no need to perform long-lasting adjustments of the prosthetics in patient's oral cavity. The use of the facial arch and the articulator gives the possibility of performing the fillings, which will not cause occlusal disorders (grinding or tension headaches).

Our Patients receive detailed information on possible procedure options. We cooperate with professional prosthetics labs which secure high quality work.

We strongly recommend permanent complements (crowns and bridges).

In the case of large cavities we make removable complements i.e., such that one must take out several times a day in order to thoroughly clean them. We can recommend to you braceless prostheses, which do not spoil the cosmetic effect with metal braces. If it is necessary to remove teeth, we often make immediate dentures. We prepare them before the surgical operation and we put them in the oral cavity immediately after the teeth extraction. This allows patients to carry on their professional responsibilities, it also helps with the healing process. One must, however, remember that their lifetime is limited and they must be replaced with target prostheses.

Permanent complements are veneers, posts, crowns and bridges.

They allow to gain perfect cosmetic effect – shape correction, doing away with gaps between teeth or extensive discoloration. Veneers are thin flakes of porcelain permanently stuck after delicate sanding off the front surface of the tooth by circa 0.5 - 0.7mm.

These are the fillings made at a prosthetic lab on the basis of an imprint and inserted by means of special cement. Large cavities should be remedied with posts. Thanks to this the rebuilding is permanent and tangent points to the neighboring teeth are ideally rendered, which allows to preserve a healthy gum. Posts are made of porcelain, composite or gold. Their lifetime is much longer than that of the traditional filling, which in the case of extensive cavities needs replacing much more often. Despite quite a difference in price between the traditional filling and the post, particularly in the case of large cavities, it is necessary to carefully consider the advantages of the posts. No tooth will tolerate repeated replacements of the filling.

trident mosty licówki korony porcelanowe wkłady stałe uzupełnienia


These are prosthetic restorations allowing to rebuild extremely damaged teeth, where reconstruction by means of filling is impossible. They can be made on a metal (steel, gold) or full ceramic base. Our patients are truly satisfied with full ceramic crowns because they perfectly imitate natural teeth (incisor edge transparency preserved), moreover they do not bring about allergic reactions or marginal gum discoloration.

Such complements guarantee comfort and a perfect cosmetic effect. They require intervention in neighboring teeth, on which the crowns are settled and joined together with a span imitating missing teeth.

We can apply this kind of bridges in the case of a missing tooth, which allows to avoid grinding healthy teeth.


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