Dental Hygiene and Prevention

Dental checkup50
Oral hygiene instructionFree
Dental consultation150 PLN
Adaptation visit for children150 PLN
Scaling (plaque and stain removal)150 PLN - 250 PLN
Air polishing100 PLN - 250 PLN
Fluoride treatment80 PLN - 100 PLN
Fissure sealing - per tooth100 PLN

Conservative dentistry

Anaesthesia50 PLN
Light-cure composite fillings:
- in permanent teeth250 PLN - 450 PLN
- in milk teeth200 PLN - 300 PLN
- tooth restoration450 PLN
- aesthetic filling (system Enamel)400 PLN - 500 PLN

Tooth whitening:
Tooth whitening with Opalescence1200 PLN


First aid (devitalisation, opening of a tooth)200 PLN
Pulp amputation (milk teeth)150 PLN
Pulp extirpation and debridement:
- A tooth with one canal350 PLN
- A tooth with two canals400 PLN
- A tooth with three canals450 PLN
- A tooth with four canals500 PLN
Final filling of the canal:
- A tooth with one canal300 PLN
- A tooth with two canals350 PLN
- A tooth with three canals500 PLN
- A tooth with four canals600 PLN
Other procedures:
Use of MTA200 PLN

Dental Surgery

Surgical consultation200 PLN
Extraction of a permanent tooth200 PLN - 400 PLN
Extraction of a milk tooth100 PLN - 200 PLN

Labial or lingual frenotomy300 PLN - 600 PLN
Root resection:
- First tooth500 PLN
- Subsequent tooth200 PLN

Surgical extraction:
- from the dental arch500 PLN
- of an impacted tooth500 PLN - 800 PLN
Germectomy500 PLN - 700 PLN
Hemisection600 PLN
Abscess incision and drainage300 PLN


Dental X-ray50 PLN


Implant Osstem - surgical part2800 PLN
Biomet 3i - surgical part3300 PLN
Porcelain crown on an implant2600 - 3800 PLN
Porcelain crown in a bridge span on implants1600 PLN

All-porcelain crown in a bridge span on implants2200 PLN


Prosthetic consultation on bite disorders150 PLN
Complete dentureod 2800 PLN
Clip (small supplementary denture; absence of 1 to 3 teeth)700 PLN
Denture repairs:
- First element350 PLN
- Subsequent element130 PLN
Relining of a denture with a hard reline material550 PLN - 650 PLN
Frame dentureod 2800 PLN
- Porcelain crown (non-precious)1500 PLN
- Metal crown (cast metal)1200 PLN
- All-ceramic crown2000 PLN - 2200 PLN
Core Inlay
Post and core inlay750 PLN
Divided post and core inlay850 PLN

Inlay, Onlay
Composite inlay, onlay1100 PLN
Porcelain inlay, onlay2000 PLN - 2200 PLN
Composite veneer in Enamel system800 PLN
Porcelain veneer (prices vary with type)2000 PLN - 2200 PLN
Maryland bridge - 1 point1200 - 1500 PLN
Professional splint
deprogramator300 PLN
splint in occlusion construction1200 PLN
Professional protective splint for athletes - single colour700 PLN

Dental surgery

Welcome to the TRIDENT DENTAL SURGERY website.
The Surgery was established in 1996.The trust our Patients have in us makes us proud and motivates us to boost our professional skills. We improve our qualifications by attending specialized courses and training. We apply effective and tested therapy methods. We make use of high quality materials.


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