Dental Surgery

The range of surgical operations performed at our surgery covers procedures from simple extraction to complicated extractions of wisdom teeth.

We remove “eights” if:

  • they do not have enough space to properly grow and set in the arch (they often cause recurring inflammation and great pain).
  • they cause jamming at the front section of the dental arch.
  • they cause resorption (disappearance) of the neighboring tooth.

Dental surgery is not only tooth extraction, but also other minor operations, e.g.

  • endodontics – resection ( removal) of root vertexes,
  • periodontics – periodontium surgery,
  • prosthetics – operations preparing the oral cavity for putting dentures in place.

We often use materials which support bone rebuilding.


Dental surgery

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The Surgery was established in 1996.The trust our Patients have in us makes us proud and motivates us to boost our professional skills. We improve our qualifications by attending specialized courses and training. We apply effective and tested therapy methods. We make use of high quality materials.


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