Prophylaxis is the best and the cheapest treatment.

The most important part of prophylaxis is everyday oral cavity hygiene – brushing teeth with toothpaste and using dental floss after every meal. At least once every half a year we ought to have an oral cavity checkup at the dentist’s as well as scaling and sandblasting. After that it is advisable to secure teeth with fluoridation or the "liquid enamel" foam.

Kids ought to be in the dentist’s care from their earliest childhood. It is recommended that a child should visit the dentist for the first time when it is around one year old, when s/he gets familiar with the dentist while parents receive advice concerning diet and oral cavity care. It is so important because milk teeth are much more susceptible to caries than permanent teeth due to their weak mineralization. This is why the control checkups for children should take place every three months; it allows to uncover early caries, bite disorders and correct bad eating habits. 7-year olds, while their first molars appear, should come for tooth fluoridation. Early prophylaxis will allow children to limit the number of visits and, thus, avoid the stress related to untreated caries.

A larger and larger group of our Patients come to us regularly only in order to have some preventive treatment performed. Because they know how to following principles of hygiene appropriately, they do not require any other dental treatment. We invite you for oral hygiene instructions!


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