Wearing a professional mouthguard during such sports activities as boxing, combat sports, ice hockey, handball, basketball, volleyball, inline skating is a condition of safety, as injuries sustained during these activities may result in irreversible tooth and soft tissue damage.

Studies have shown that 30% of children and adults who actively practice sports sustain tooth injuries.

Unfortunately, the only sports discipline in which the use of mouthguards is obligatory is boxing.

Universal mouthguards, such as those available in sports shops, or the splints used in bruxism (tooth grinding) do not provide sufficient protection of tooth, gums, tongue and jawbones. They often interfere with breathing and fall out once the patient stops biting them.

A professional mouthguard which we offer:

  • tightly fits to the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth,
  • has an appropriate thickness (3-5 mm) depending on the type of sport,
  • can absorb the energy of considerable impacts and minimize their influence on the maxillomandibular joints and the skull base,
  • enables the user to breathe freely,
  • is easy to keep clean,
  • is comfortable.

Professional mouthguards are manufactured at a dental laboratory according to the impression of the patient's mouth. The mouthguards come in various colors and may be inscribed.

Using the mouthguard can prevent injuries or limit the consequences of a forceful impact.


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