Bruxism (tooth grinding)

Headaches, jaw clenching? Probably we can help you.


  • you suffer from headaches of unknown origin,
  • you clench your jaws and grind your teeth while asleep,
  • wake up in the morning with a headache and pain in the neck,
  • your teeth are worn, fillings crack,
  • cervical cavity occurs, you suffer from tooth oversensitivity.

tell us about it, and we can probably help you.

There are various factors, which may cause the occlusal disorders, such as clinching and grinding. The most frequent factors are as follows:

  • displacement of teeth (which may be a consequence of difficult eruption of eights, caries, missing teeth and improperly performed prosthetic fillings),
  • temporomandibular joints injuries,
  • maxilla and mandible fractures,
  • malocclusion,
  • parafunctional habits (chewing on one side for a long time, nail biting, lip and object biting).

As a general cause, there is a psychical factor which plays the main role. Chronic stress leads to excessive tension of muscles, including masticatory muscles. The capacity of adaptation to the already existing occlusion disorders leads to bruxism (habitual teeth clinching and grinding). The role of the dentist is the proper recognition of the symptoms and causes of masticatory system dysfunctions and introduction local therapy. There may be a need of cooperation with other dental specialists and physiotherapists.

In our surgery we conduct the occlusion analysis, including:

  • detailed interview and dental examination, x-rays analysis,
  • casts analysis in the articulator after occlusion registration with the use of the facial arch (*),
  • preparing the final version of a treatment plan.

The treatment may involve:

  • preparing the temporary reposition of the tray (especially when the pain is intensive),
  • equilibration (selective removal of layers of the teeth and fillings),
  • orthodontic treatment,
  • prosthetic treatment,
  • surgical treatment (for example extraction of the wisdom teeth),
  • elimination of bad habits (for example nail biting) and learning how to cope with the stress and its consequences.

(*) - Facial arch allows to transfer patient's individual occlusion parameters to the articulator in a dental lab.

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