The treatment of initial stages of caries consists in remineralization of enamel, i.e. its repair. These are fluoride varnish or the so-called ‘liquid enamel,’ i.e. a complex of active calcium and phosphates.

The treatment of more advanced caries comes down to its meticulous removal and putting a filling in. Cavities are filled with high quality composite materials. After putting them in place the color of the filling or its shade do not differ from the color of the tooth. Young kids are offered a colorful filling and its color choice, which encourages them to cooperate with the doctor.

The materials applied by us characterize with the capacity to release fluoride ions, which prevents secondary caries formation. We use modern lamps for hardening the filling, limiting the polymerizing contraction, thanks to which the filling stays tight. In the case of larger cavities we recommend making the inlay-onlay filling at a prosthetics lab. They can be produced of a composite, porcelain or gold. Its advantage over traditional fillings consists in its much greater durability. (for more see: Prosthetics)

Not only do we deal with tooth treatment but we also work on improving their esthetics. We correct the shape and color of the tooth, we do away with gaps between teeth. Our goal is: minimum intervention – maximum advantage. We initiate our treatment procedure with the least invasive methods. In the case of correcting the improper shape, we rebuild the tooth by means of a composite, and only if the effect is unsatisfactory, we recommend a veneer or a crown.

The need for white-as-snow teeth is becoming a more and more standard one. A beautiful smile is an important part of our image, improves our well-being and adds to our self-confidence. At our surgery we use the method of tray bleaching with preparations of the highest degree of safety. In the process of bleaching oxygen atoms penetrate the enamel and dentine, whitening them, however preserving the proper structure of the tooth untouched.

Nowadays, a visit to a dentist may be absolutely painless. We apply anesthesia before non-invasive treatment.


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