Aesthetic dentistry

Enamel Plus HRi is a natural enamel “cloned” in a composite. 

It is the only material in the world whose optical properties (the refractive index) are identical to those in the natural enamel. Teeth restored with the composite material Enamel Plus HRi are deceptively similar to natural teeth. No one will notice the filling!

Small enamel defects are among the greatest and the most difficult challenges in aesthetic dentistry. Enamel HRi offers offers you help.


Photograph courtesy of Dr Lorenzo Vanini


With Enamel HRi it is possible to use a composite of the same thickness as the defect in the natural tissues of the tooth. Additionally, this material eliminates the problem of visible boundaries of the filling and the undesirable “grayness” effect of the fillings.


Photograph courtesy of Dr Lorenzo Vanini


Fillings in the lateral teeth created directly or indirectly are, first of all, characterised by excellent strength parameters. They do not damage the natural tissues of opposing teeth, as their grindability is similar to that of natural teeth, and they can be easily repaired.

Enamel Bio Function is the latest generation of Enamel HRi material dedicated to lateral teeth. Its composition is completely devoid of the toxic resin Bis GMa. It is very important for the lateral segment, where the material grinding forces during normal mastication are much greater than those in the anterior segment. Therefore, no release of a toxic resin occurs and the material shows excellent biocompatibility and superior strength parameters.


Photograph courtesy of Dr Lorenzo Vanini


The research project to assess Enamel HRi (HA-Project-No:130/07/01) received patronage as part of the European Social Fund (ESF). The HRi formula is patented.

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